Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling is a traditional Hawaiian style of surfing. It involves standing on a large long board and propelling yourself along with a paddle. It originated with the beach boys of Waikiki in the 60’s after which it died out before enjoying a resurgence recently.

The great thing about it is that it can be done on flat water or in tiny waves. It is a great form of exercise, and promotes balance, strength and general fitness.

SUP is a sport for the whole family and is excellent for both surfers and non-surfers, being much easier to learn than surfing itself.

At first it is necessary to learn all the basics in flat water conditions before venturing out into the surf to catch some waves.

Once you have learned the basics, SUP is the perfect way to explore any stretch of coastline.

No experience necessary, although we do ask that all participants be able to swim 25 metres.

At Aloha we offer a number of different SUP courses.

Group Introductory Lesson: Adults, €40  Kids €35

This is a hour intro lesson into the world of SUP. This is done in flat water conditions in and around the bay of Ballyvaughan or off Fanore Beach if conditions are suitable. In this course you will learn the following;

  • Weather/tide assessment
  • Board and Paddle
  • How to carry your board
  • How to enter the water
  • Prone and knee paddling techniques
  • How to stand
  • Paddling and proper posture

After you have completed this course, you can move onto one of our other courses.

Group Guided Coastal Cruise:

SUP is the ideal way to explore our coast line. As it offers a much higher vantage point then if you were sitting in a kayak, you really get a unique view of the ocean and landscape around you. On our coastal cruises we will take you in and around the incredible coastline of the Burren, where you’ll get to see the sea life underneath you, cruise along side the seals basking on the rocks, and really get a completely unique tour of this incredible part of the world.

These tours vary according to weather/sea conditions, and the preferences of the group.

Contact us for details/pricing.

1 to 1 SUP wave sessions: Adults €50

SUP on flat water is a completely different experience to heading out into the surf. It is important that before taking a SUP board into the surf that you are confident in controlling the board. This means already having surf experience, and having had a flat water lesson.

Because safety is a priority, we run these lessons on a one to one basis.

In addition to what you have already learned in the Intro lesson, you will learn;

  • How to paddle through waves.
  • Further turning skills
  • Wave selection/Positioning/Taking off
  • Surf etiquette