Surf Report


Monday 16th October: Flat out out this morning and it is currently a moderate offshore. Obviously this is the calm before the storm.  The South East wind is going to batter us this afternoon before swinging around West South West as the storm passes over and so battering us from the other direction. So whatever is sheltered earlier on, won’t be sheltered as the wind swings with the storm passing over. Stay safe today. The storm swell and wind will go ballistic this afternoon. Good news is that the surf for the rest of the week looks great. Maybe head high with a light onshore tomorrow. The wind will then swing offshore for Wednesday and the swell period will pick up, so a good forecast for Midweek.


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For rentals, in the Autumn/Winter we are not at the beach every day. So please get in touch to check suitable conditions and times.

As a rule, always best to check with us the day before or before travelling to check conditions and tide times are suitable.


Weekend Tide Times:

Saturday 21 October:

High: 18.58 (5.1m)
Low:  12.36 (0.8m)

Sunday 22 October:

High: 19.36 (4.9m)
Low: 013.12 (0.9m)