Surf Report



Monday 19th of June: Hot and sunny and chest high waves. Super clean with no wind. Tomorrow will be slightly smaller, maybe waist high, with moderate offshore winds. Nice, clean conditions again. On Wednesday the swell will be smaller again, maybe knee to waist high and the wind will be onshore so slightly messy and choppy. It looks like later in the week on Thursday and Friday we will see the swell build again. Check back later in the week for an update

Friday Update: Plenty of swell about today. Overhead with a moderate onshore wind. So plenty of waves though conditions a bit messy. The weekend looks decent. Shoulder to head high both days. Moderate onshore wind on Saturday so slightly messy conditions. The wind will be very light on Sunday so conditions a bit cleaner. Good conditions for all levels. We have really big spring tides this weekend so our rental and lessons will have to be out of the water a bit earlier, perhaps about 3.30pm on Saturday and 4.30pm on Sunday.

We have lesson and rentals all weekend. Get in touch for details. Have a great one!


Weekend Tide Times:

Saturday 24th of June:

High: 18.06 (5.4m)
Low:  11.45 (0.5)

Sunday 25th of June:

High: 18.54 (5.4m)
Low:  12.31 (0.5m)