Surf Report


Monday 14th of August: The surf today is knee to chest high with a light onshore wind. Tide is dropping and suitable all day for rentals. Tomorrow looks decent and the surf will bump up a bit to shoulder high. Light to moderate onshore wind.  Wednesday then will be a little bigger with the arrival of some south westerly windswell. Maybe shoulder to head high. The winds will be strong southerly, so cross shore, making conditions a little trickier than Monday/Tuesday.  All in all decent surfing conditions for beginner and improvers.

Wednesday evening update: The surf today is head high and overhead with plenty of power. Red Flag all day. It’s south west swell and the wind is strong south west, so waves with plenty of power along with strong currents. Tomorrow the waves will be a bit bigger, overhead and the wind will remain strong’ish onshore. Friday then sees the arrival of a lot more swell and stronger winds.  Saturday for the moment looks good with more manageable conditions. With a lot of swell and unsettled conditions and high tides in the middle of the day, rental of equipment may not be be suitable at times over the next few days. So as always, best to get in touch with us in advance before travelling.

Thursday Update: Hi folks, very big swell and very strong winds forecasted for tomorrow so as it stands we won’t be running lessons or renting equipment tomorrow. Much better conditions then for the weekend. It will be about head high on Saturday with a moderate onshore wind. On Sunday then a little smaller, maybe chest to shoulder high with a light to moderate onshore wind. Surfable conditions for all levels. Have a great weekend

We are open daily for lessons and rentals. Email/Call/Text/Whatsapp if interested in surfing lessons

For rentals, always best to check with us the day before or before travelling to check conditions and tide times are suitable.


Weekend Tide Times:

Saturday 19th of August:

High: 16.04 (4.7m)
Low:  09.43 (1.2m)

Sunday 20th of August:

High: 16.54 (5.0m)
Low: 10.35 (0.9m)