Surf Report



Friday 8th of December: Head high waves today, messy with a moderate onshore wind. Wind is dropping all day but conditions unlikely to clean up much. The sun has been shining all morning but it’s cold! Tomorrow looks maybe waist high with a light offshore wind. Good for a bigger board. For Sunday then we have large swell forecast. It will be a quiet windy day. Current forecast have the wind onshore earlier in the day then swinging around offshore later in the day. The exact timings of this are a little unsure so best to check local wind forecasts a little closer.

We won’t be down at the beach all weekend so if interested in renting or a lesson, try let us know in advance so as we can accommodate.

Have a great weekend!



We are open daily for lesson booking. Email/Call/Text/Whatsapp if interested in surfing lessons

For rentals, in the Autumn/Winter we are not at the beach every day. So please get in touch to check suitable conditions and times.

As a rule, always best to check with us the day before or before travelling to check conditions and tide times are suitable.


Weekend Tide Times:

Saturday 9th December:

High: 09.08 (4.8m)
Low:  15,24 (1.4m)

Sunday 10th December:

High: 10.11 (4.5m)
Low: 16.33 (1.6m)