Surf Hire

If you’ve already done a few lessons or have some surf experience then you can rent whatever gear you need to hit the water.

If you are new to surfing we would recommend that you take at least one or two surfing lessons before hiring equipment to try on your own. This is to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of those around you.

Rental is for 2 hours and you will need to leave some form of ID as deposit (Drivers licence, passport etc)

Surfboard rental in Clare

We can only rent when tides and conditions on the day are suitable, so if you’re going to travel down, it’s best to get in touch with us first to make surf conditions are ok

We have a selection of soft boards from 6 ft to 9 ft.

We have a new fleet of high performance rental boards. These boards are different from the thicker floaty ones we use in our lessons.

They have a soft skin but come in the exact same dimensions as similar hardboards.

They range from 6’4” shortboards, 6’4” retro fish models right through to high performance mini mals

Check out how they perform in the video below.

In the winter, the wetsuit rental includes a winter wetsuit, winter boots, gloves and a hood.

In the summer, the wetsuit rental includes a summer wetsuit and wetsuit shoes.


  • Wetsuit (inc. boots)  €15
  • Surfboard                €15
  • Bodyboard              €10
  • Combo (board, wetsuit and boots) €25

NOTE: Please read the Booking Terms and Conditions before making a booking!